Facebook “Community Standards” and do not buy crap off Facebook ads (bonus!)

You’ve seen them before, I’m sure. Countless, paid advertisements scrolling on your social media feed, particularly Facebook (or Meta, Metuhhh, whatever it is this month). You can’t get rid of them unless you block them one by one. You can’t report them because, well, these are Facebook’s money makers. Granted, as any profitable business, Facebook has to keeps the lights on their giant headquarters, not to mention salaries, picnics, lavish vacations for everyone, etc. etc. And to fund all that, they present (force us to view) advertisements.

These ads range from spices and items for your kitchen to high-end electronics and more. And since it is Christmastime, these advertisers know how to reel you in. “Regularly $499, buy now for just $19.95” or “Give your loved one diamonds, 1 carat ring for only $49.” (Insert shiny photos or video to accompany your scam). Ever look at the comments? “Does this powder also cure lung disease?” Ask any other similar question and the response is almost always, “Yes! Visit our site and order today!”. “Are you based in the US?” this is a good one. “Yes, we US offices”. And one of my favorite questions “how long to ship?” The answer is usually “we ship within 2-3 days of pay”. When will you receive it? Well, it used to take 30-days to clear US Customs when items are shipped from China (most of this garbage is shipped from Shenzhen, China). Now, due to COVID, well look out in the Pacific Ocean and see how many container ships are waiting to unload your 10-foot outdoor inflatable “life-like” Santa you bought for $10.99.

First off, please remember this: It’s Facebook (or Meta, blah blah) so do NOT trust the ad. It would be best to scroll by them and resist the urge to purchase. And do not bother running to Facebook to report these scammers. Facebook does not want to waste their time, or jeopardize the ad revenue they are earning. Facebook would rather watch what YOU say and do on their network than keep you from getting scammed out of YOUR money while on their network.

Facebook’s “Community Standards” is not interested in protecting YOU. This delicate group of 3-year-olds who are offended by anything are constantly reviewing everything posted on their network. If their “butt hurt” meter flinches above “0 butt hurt”, the offender is taken care of immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing an opinion or a meme. If the “Community Standards” child doesn’t like it, they will send you, at minimum, a nasty-gram/message. For a major offense, such as a meme against the Democratic party or current president (Biden), you will face an instant 30-day suspension from Facebook. Censorship, by definition. Granted, using Facebook is similar to being in someone (else’s) home – You go by their rules and if you don’t like it, well, there’s the door. But to ban someone for posting a photo of the Rolling Stones? Childish.

The Nazi group, sorry, “Community Standards” group doesn’t care about paid advertisers or their legitimacy. If you get screwed over by a Facebook advertiser, well, hope you enjoyed it because it’s YOUR fault. Facebook = victim shaming. I reported a few advertisers and even a few pages or groups that were spewing absolute hatred (against America and/or American citizens). Facebook’s response is a typical automatic one – “we will look into this issue.” They don’t. They’re too busy looking for people making fun of Democrats. I personally don’t care what party you are affiliated with.

I remember when Facebook was first introduced – it wasn’t called Facebook. For a short time, it was limited to only university students (I think Harvard?). I’m sure they were able to share their opinions openly. Well, back then users of the site were asked to look at photos of students (two side-by-side) and pick the one that was “hotter”. Then the site opened and grew. Then Facebook’s tech people figured out how to connect what you say and do on other media, websites, search engines, and smart home devices (Google Home, Alexa, etc) and display ads to you on its platform. That’s a “win” for you! I mean, I was just asking Google what the outside temperature was, so of course I want to log in to Facebook and be shown several “home weather station” ads! With any luck, that is, if I actually ordered one, it would arrive within 2-months, if at all while being stuck in the Pacific Ocean.

Now, before you say, just use PayPal for payment, or complain to your bank if you were scammed. Sure, but why the hassle? Because Facebook allows advertisers to scam people – or they don’t care – now *I* have to stop payment, contact my bank, wait on hold for 45-minutes to an hour, answer 20-questions about where I purchased this?

Facebook has almost 3 billion users each month. One of these days, or years, the majority of users will get tired of the BS, tired of being sent to Facebook “Jail” and tired of being scammed, censored and silenced by the Facebook Gods, that they will leave and try something else – Parler, WT Social, EyeEm, Yubo, MeWe, Ello, Friendica, Mastodon – yes Facebook isn’t the only game in the world as much as they would like you to believe.

Speaking of games, now Facebook has taken over virtual reality giant, Oculus. So now, not only is Google waiting for me to say something and pass that info to Facebook, my Rift S headset will now be looking back at my every move as well. And, what happens if I get sent to Facebook time-out for voicing an opinion? Will I also be locked out of the Oculus headset? “Damn you for saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ That offends us! Now go to your corner for 30-days!” Next, Facebook techs will devise a way to read people’s thoughts. Soon, you wont even be able to think without them knowing about it.